Your are a what?



Excuse Me…But what is a 
Professional Organizer Anyway???

As I embark on this new adventure called, LIFE Decluttered, I have been asked one question more than any other: 

What is a Professional Organizer???

Fabulous question.  

The simplest answer... A Professional Organizer is:

A Helper, 
A Teacher 
A Coach

Professional Organizers HELP.  

We physically assist individuals, families, and businesses manage their stuff!  Objects, files, photos, time…STUFF. Clutter happens in many forms and keeping it all straight might not be your forte. That is A-OK. To be fair, decluttering and organizing is never as simple as Keep or Not Keep. 

It’s an ongoing action that is tied up in all sorts of...well...intangible STUFF!

Often, having an objective third party walk with you, side by side, through making Keep and Not Keep decisions...well folks…that can be PRICELESS!

Professional Organizers TEACH.  

We teach you methods and give you information so that you can organize your stuff, today and in the future, whatever that stuff might be.  What works for one person or business, doesn’t always work for another.  

I know…I know…Kon Mari® is all the rage, advising that her way is the BEST way to BECOME and STAY organized.  For many, her way is INDEED the best way.  

But, in my opinion, there’s room for everyone and Professional Organizers will assess and teach to your Strengths and develop storage solutions based on your Needs.  So that you can work towards living a LIFE Decluttered.

Professional Organizers COACH.  

They encourage and cheer you on along the way.  We point to your forward progress, push you through backslides and plateaus, and most importantly, we celebrate your successes!  

To ask for help is HARD business.  

To invite someone into your private space can be TERRIFYING!  

Post Modern Western Culture tells us that armed with the right self-help books, blog posts and/or Pinterest boards the individual can succeed by their own true grit and determination.  

For some this is very true, but on the whole, I believe that we do better together…lifting each other up, sharing our gifts and encouraging each other forward.  

So that friends, is what Professional Organizers do. 

How do you find one??  
I am so glad you asked!

Click the NAPO Logo below to find the pros near you that are members of the National Association of Professional Organizers.

Ok that you have found one, how do you know if this person or company will be a good fit for you?

Another fantastic question!   Y'all are on your toes! 

Click Here to arm yourself with a list of questions to ask a Professional Organizer once you’ve found one! 

Still have questions about Professional Organizing? 

Check out my FAQ, Send me an Email or Leave A Comment below! 

And as always, Thanks for stopping by!



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    Hi, I'm Alyson.  I got my start organizing moving around the country with my husband, an Active Duty Service Member. 12 moves in 17 years.  
    With each move, we have added children and pets to our family, creating the need to become, and more importantly FEEL, organized. With every move I have honed my craft, discovering new ways to keep our same stuff in spaces that are never the same, while also learning to let go of the stuff that just doesn't hold value to my and I any longer.  That includes how we spend our time!  
    I have turned a skill into a career I am passionate about!  With a background in Social Work, earning a Masters of Social Work in 2003, I have had the privilege of working with families in their homes and in the Mental Health field. These experiences inform the way I approach the Professional Organizing relationship: starting where you are with no judgement.  And that’s what you’ll get here on the Blog too!

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