A Professional Organizer's 
Kitchen Command Center, Reinvented

I love a set of Before & After pictures. They make my heart smile.  


B & A’s let us see our progress, allow us to bask in the glow of our success. Clutter is overwhelming. Starting can be what stops us from beginning. A view of where we were versus where we are now can motivate us to take on the next project!

B & A’s are inspirational. If you can do it…well…Gosh Darn It…so can I. If you can start it…well…Ehh Gad…So Can I! If you have found success with it...Jumping Jehoshaphat...SO CAN I! Motivating others with your authentic struggle...that is the good stuff of lifting others up!  

Finally, B & A’s are Pretty, Beautiful, and Simply Magnificent! 
So, here are the B & A's of my personal Kitchen Command Center. That's right, mine.  
I was stuck when we moved to our current home in the summer of 2015, wrongly trying to recreate what we had in our last home in a completely different space, that did not have remotely the same configuration...and it wasn't working...no matter how hard I tried it was just wrong. 

This was a BIG MISTAKE and what often leads to situation disorganization. We liked how an old space worked, try to recreate it in a new space, overlooking what is right in front of us and we end up a hot mess!  Which is what we were...A HOT MESS!

We were spread all over the place. It felt, looked and was CLUTTERED!  

Very unbecoming of a Professional Organizer. Shame on me. Tsk-Tsk.
And then, one day, walking through the kitchen I saw it...EMPTY SPACE.

Unused, Overlooked, Beautiful Empty Space. I'm quite certain I had one of those giant cartoon light bulbs over my head!

I got to work. IMMEDIATELY.

Step One:  I gathered together everything we use to manage our time. 
                          - Wall Calendar
                          - My Daily Planner
                          - My Daily Routine 
                          - Our Family Battle Rhythm
                          - Monthly Tickler File Holder 
                          - Menu Board
                          - The kiddos 'Do You Have?' Checklist
                          - School Year Calendar
                          - School Menu
                          - After School Activities Schedules
                          - Chore Chart (inspired by Confessions of a Homeschooler)
                          - Highlighters, Pens, Pencils, & Expo Markers

Step Two:  I laid it out on the floor to determine what and how it would best fit on the wall. 

Step Three:  I borrowed that little green table from our hall, creating a new counter space for what would not be on the wall.

Step Four:  I measured, nailed, used a few command strips and...VOILA! 

Check out the final result...I LOVE IT! And I didn't spend a penny! Not even a dime!

Everything in one space, ALL TOGETHER...Like with Like!  

Counter space is restored...& We FEEL organized. My husband has even taken to writing the weekly menu on the chalkboard. 'Gotta love how a refreshed, organized space creates buy in from the whole family!

Occasionally my personal planner makes it way back to the end of the that counter there, but...hey...organizing is an ongoing action...even for me! We will be moving again this month (such is active duty military life). I've learned my own lesson...and will be sure to give you a peak at where this gem relocates to in our new home.  

Keep your eye out for Chapter 2 of B & A's. In June I will be sharing how I helped clients RECLAIM their unfinished basement for more than just storage, walking with them on their journey towards a Life Decluttered!

What space in your home do you want to RECLAIM?!



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    Hi, I'm Alyson.  I got my start organizing moving around the country with my husband, an Active Duty Service Member. 12 moves in 17 years.  
    With each move, we have added children and pets to our family, creating the need to become, and more importantly FEEL, organized. With every move I have honed my craft, discovering new ways to keep our same stuff in spaces that are never the same, while also learning to let go of the stuff that just doesn't hold value to my and I any longer.  That includes how we spend our time!  
    I have turned a skill into a career I am passionate about!  With a background in Social Work, earning a Masters of Social Work in 2003, I have had the privilege of working with families in their homes and in the Mental Health field. These experiences inform the way I approach the Professional Organizing relationship: starting where you are with no judgement.  And that’s what you’ll get here on the Blog too!

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