My Top Five...



My Top Five Tools & Supplies,
To Be and Feel Organized

So what are my favorites….my go tos…the tools or supplies I use daily, to be and feel organized???  


There are alot of organizational products out there to choose from. But there are only a few that I have found to be flexible, adaptable and useable in any space I have lived in. 

I give you my TOP 5 tools or supplies for living a daily, LIFE Decluttered.


Lazy Susans...the unsung hero of kitchen, pantry, bathroom and craft shelves!

I use lazy susans in my...

 Kitchen Medicine Cabinet 
And I’m willing to use them just about anywhere.  

They don't have to be expensive either. Alejandra from Alejandra TV made one from dollar store cake pans and marbles!!!! She spent $3. Check it out HERE.  


The most helpful pieces of furniture that we have ever purchased are our chrome and white 4 tier metal shelving units.  

Depending on where we live and our storage space they have held board games, sewing materials, linens, pantry items, and a laundry system, just to name a few. 

They are adaptable, sturdy, durable and worth every last cent!  We have moved them 6 times! 

In our current home we use them for our linen, laundry system, and as a pantry. 
And yes friends...I posted a picture of our dirty laundry...I'm all about keeping it real here at LIFE Decluttered. Wouldn't have it any other way!

(Psst....You can see my lazy susans hard at work on the top shelf of my pantry.) 

Laundry System


I am addicted to labels. If I could, I would label everything.  


My label maker is my friend. Those crisp white labels with their black lettering make my soul smile! But you don’t need a fancy label maker to benefit from them. Tape, Index cards and a Sharpie work just as well. And Avery makes a tons of products as well.  Google "labels" and the options are endless!

Whether you are a ‘stuff in’ (I need it all put away) or ‘stuff out’ (I need to see it all) person, labels let you know where your stuff is...and that is a WIN in my book!  


I LOVE BASKETS (almost as much as I love labeling them!)

I use baskets EVERYWHERE… under the sink, in the pantry, the laundry room, on counters, in bathrooms, in the garage. EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE that items need to be corralled, I rely on a basket to do the work for me! 

Kitchen Medicine Cabinet
Laundry Room Shelves
Under the Kitchen Sink


The number one product I can not live without…a planner.  

I can not say enough about the value of a planner! Any kind of planner will do. Simply put, you need some way to record what you are doing, when you are doing it, and whom you are doing it with. Use of time has a DIRECT impact on organization. There is just no way around it.  

I could write an entire post on the options for planners out there...they are endless and could set a newbie’s head spinning. Keep it simple in the beginning. A wall calendar to record your obligations and a note book for a to do list are a great way to start.  

I also Bullet Journal. But that is a whole other post for another time. You can read about what Bullet Journaling is all about Here!

I will have links to where you can find my current planner, as well as, links to products similar to the tools and supplies I use at the end of this post! 

But first, lets take a moment to review...My Top 5 Favorite Tools and Supplies are: 

These items have kept my family and I glued together over the past 17 years and 12 moves. No matter what type of home we are in, these 5 tools/supplies and our ever evolving use of them have allowed us to live a LIFE Decluttered!    

Supplies and Tools*
*Note:  Life Decluttered receives an affiliate fee from Amazon should you purchase products through these links, with the exception of the Plum Paper Planner (I just really like mine and had to share!)


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    Hi, I'm Alyson.  I got my start organizing moving around the country with my husband, an Active Duty Service Member. 12 moves in 17 years.  
    With each move, we have added children and pets to our family, creating the need to become, and more importantly FEEL, organized. With every move I have honed my craft, discovering new ways to keep our same stuff in spaces that are never the same, while also learning to let go of the stuff that just doesn't hold value to my and I any longer.  That includes how we spend our time!  
    I have turned a skill into a career I am passionate about!  With a background in Social Work, earning a Masters of Social Work in 2003, I have had the privilege of working with families in their homes and in the Mental Health field. These experiences inform the way I approach the Professional Organizing relationship: starting where you are with no judgement.  And that’s what you’ll get here on the Blog too!

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